Christmas 2009

Christmas is for children

… and adults too!


a statement has been made

a question has been thrown at me

now, let me bravely admit …

oo, totoo yun.

new toy

I got myself a new pink toy … (that made me 65K poorer) !!! +tax



what’s with me and the unattainable … ???

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here i go again … di na natuto eh … empty hopes!


I may have found peace in just loving him from a distance and not expecting anything in return. But I do need to be careful, for this can sustain life but can never give enough room for me to grow. Yes, letting go is not just setting the other person free, but also setting myself free from all bitterness, anger, and empty hopes.

Yun lang, goodnight!

sad part

I saw him. He was a little surprised to see me. I made it a point to talk to him alone. I can still sense the love. I knew he wanted to kiss me. I was trying to win him back. I kissed him. He kissed me back. Heaven. Then something stopped him and he quickly ran away without saying a word.

[

Typhoon Ondoy’s (Ketsana) Wrath

Before – During – After

Before – During – After

September 26, 2009 Cainta, Rizal

5:00 AM

My shift ended and all I could think of was how to get rid of a certain unwanted file in my computer. I planned on spending the rest of my weekend “cleaning” and making sure that there is no foreign file in my ever-so-beloved notebook. Little did i know that SSCVIHOST would be the least of my worries.

After consulting 4 people about the posssible virus in my pc, I decided to go home. On my way out, I came across TL mike. He mentioned that it is already flooded (outside Teletech – Robinsons).

I was thinking, maybe i should wait for the water to subside and for the rain to stop. But then again, I decided to head home and brave the storm. The streets leading home were, by then, filled with water — knee-high. Gladly the tricycle I hired was efficient enough to bring me home.

6:30 AM
Went to bed … I guess. :p

[

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Bakit masarap ang bawal?

Bakit bawal ang masarap?

- tanong ng isang “pusit”


You Give Me Something lyrics
Songwriters: Morrison, James; White, Francis Eg;

You want to stay with me in the morning
You only hold me when I sleep
I was meant to tread the water
Now I’ve gotten in too deep
For every piece of me that wants you
Another piece backs away

‘Cause you give me something
That makes me scared, alright
This could be nothing
But I’m willing to give it a try
Please give me something
‘Cause someday I might know my heart

You already waited up for hours
Just to spend a little time alone with me
And I can say I’ve never bought you flowers
I can’t work out what they mean
I never thought that I’d love someone
That was someone else’s dream

‘Cause you give me something
That makes me scared, alright
This could be nothing
But I’m willing to give it a try
Please give me something
‘Cause someday I might call you from my heart

But it might me a second too late
And the words that I could never say
Gonna come out anyway

‘Cause you give me something
That makes me scared, alright
This could be nothing
But I’m willing to give it a try
Please give me something

‘Cause you give me something
That makes me scared, alright
This could be nothing
But I’m willing to give it a try
Please give me something
‘Cause someday I might know my heart
Know my heart, know my heart, know my heart

Just memories of Launch







Blue Rose 14

Blue Rose 13

New TL & teammates

Today marks the beginning of Phone Launch 1 under new leadership — Joseph “Jojit” Magalong. And the first day of the newly-trained PL1 agents to take in MAC calls.

Kamusta naman? Floor support na, pinag-q-QA pa! Sana may tumulong at may pinayagang tumulong sa kin di ba?


he said

“smile…like you always do”

horoscope said

The apple of your eye is going to get a lot friendlier, but it might not be for the reason you think. - ouch!

Blue Rose 12

Team Mike – Launch Team Building

Casanjo Resort, Green Park

[pics later... am so tamad] :p


First time to “walk the floor” … hahaha!

First escalated call

Took my first escalated call or sup (supervisor) call courtesy of Aloha Alcid. Issue – something about bigpond blocking ports 22100 up to 22300 for a customer’s vpn. What the? Resolution – refer to customer’s business IT.

senior Shaui???

I must admit, everytime I hear that beeping sound implying that I have just received a txt message… I’m anticipating that it’s TL Mike informing the results of the SA application. I honestly don’t know what to expect. But no message from TL Mike.

At around 1pm, Nanay, Tatay and I decided to do our grocery shopping at PureGold. Ang init ah!

4:17pm I got a msg from Carol Quimen.

[

no nothing

A day after the SA interview … and still no nothing. Maybe I didn’t make it. It’s a win-win situation.

If I don’t make it…it’s okay. I’d still be under TL Mike (love him!) … I’d still be with the Phone Launch 1 team … I don’t think I’m super ready to be an SA anyway.

If I make it … good job! A promotion. A raise. MORE RESPONSIBILITIES!!! Need to master MAC and wifi/hsdpa for MAC!

I read my horoscope for today and this is how it goes

You've finished a long journey recently, but the view you expected to have on climbing this mountain isn't quite as impressive as you hoped it would be. Okay, on the one hand this is a big disappointment. But on the other hand, this could be seen as a nice surprise. Life never brings you what you expect -- it usually brings you more. Remember that experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted. Keep trying -- just one more time! You are always a work in progress

Hhhmmm maybe I’m not really meant to be an SA. God’s will…

But honestly, if I’m not hired as an SA, I’d be very relieved.

full day

For the third time, I took the ACE interview last wednesday for an SA (Senior Agent) position. Once again, I didn’t apply but was endorsed by TL Mike. Karol and Riyadhem were also endorsed. Yesterday, thursday, we took the written technical exam. Ohmygulay!!! That was a super hard exam — I’m guessing, it was Blake (the all-knowing Blake) who made the exam.

Today, out of 20+ applicants, 13 of us made it through to undergo the final interview with TL Nina. I tried to calm down during the interview. I’m never good with interviews … usually I come up with better answers the moment that the interview would be over. One of the question was – “How will you deal with an agent who has an attitude problem/irate/sarcastic?” – I think, if I can remember it right my answer was something like – “I’d still be professional. Maybe it’s just the normal tone of the agent’s voice. I am an agent, I do know what they’re going through during a sup call or maybe they’re just in a panic mode (like how I am always) ..I’d try to understand … maybe they really don’t like me – could be bitter … but during that call, just be professional. If the agent seeks assistance or info, give it. It’s all part of the job.”

“and then after my shift – hunt the agent down on the floor and make her/his life miserable!” – - this part I kept to myself. haha!

TL Roy at the beginning of the interview attempted to sit with us and observe. I so made him go … it’s his last day today at Teletech though. *sigh*

Bought KFC for all — to celebrate ate’s bday and my regularization.


Amidst all the good news today — around noon, we got the news that Francis Magalona passed away. I literally shouted “Nooooo” on the floor when Dolyn informed me. How sad! Kaaliw pa naman syang panoorin sa Eat Bulaga. Kulit! Cute pa.

LIFE, very unpredictable.

sharlene’s 44th

Happy Birthday ate Sharlene!!!

Not only do I celebrate my one and only sister’s bday today but also my first day as a certified regular employee of Teletech Cainta. After 6 months, who would have thought I’d make it to see this day?!?!?! Oh well … I’m more interested in the future.