USA: 12-31-07

New Year’s Eve.

[

USA: 12-29-07

[

USA: 12-28-07

Heading home from Pechanga Hotel and Casino.

[

USA: 12-27-07

Overnight stay at Pechanga Hotel and Casino


USA: 12-25-07

Merry Christmas!

Downtown San Diego. Christmas dinner with Tito Ensiong and family. Drama day, too.

Merry Christmas

[

USA: 12-24-07

Sea port. Viejas casino.


[

USA: 12-23-07

Welcome to the Christian world Arel!!!

Arealya Joy

Arealya Joy

[

USA: 11-25-07

Christmas carollers and Santa Claus ….

Advance Merry Christmas!!!

USA: 11-22-07

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Had thanksgiving dinner with the Abreu’s.
(Tito Ensiong, Kuya Willy, Ate Lumen)

[

USA: 11-13-07

Reunited with Nanay.

downtown San Diego

[

USA: 10-13-07

From 8 pm to 4 am

Gimik with Faith, Cathy and Janet at Highlands (LA) – Asian Night.

[

USA: 09-16-07

Overnight stay at Huntington beach with Marie and Cha … Joven’s condo unit.

Marie and Cha

Huntington beach

[

USA: 09-15-07

Tantra at Sunset Blvd ( 12-2 am

with Marie, Cha, Janice, Raizel

Thanks Marie!

Us girls

[

USA: 09-07-07

The day Nanay met Arealya Joy Laranang-Isidro. (Chula Vista, CA)

USA: 09-02-07

First time to go to a Flea Market or Swap Meet … with Kuya Alfred.

Because we were so occupied shopping, we were late for the Sunday mass.

I got my Barbie Coca-Cola from this market for $15.

Afterwards, went to Napa Valley for some wine tasting. And how can we not? We went to see the Golden Gate Bridge!

Nanay enjoying the flea market

[

USA: 09-01-07

Labor Day!

7 hours of travel.

Went to Stockton to visit the Donatos … and met Gabby Concepcion.

Gabby Concepcion

[

USA: 08-23-07

A whole lotta birthdays going on!!!

First, Kuya Armin.

Happy Birthday Kuya Armin

Second, Ate Carina.

Celebration at the West Covina clinic.
Happy Birthday Ate Carina

[

USA: 08-17-07

Darell & Robilyn are in town. They picked me up from work (LA offfice)… then we headed to Universal Studios Hollywood. Yey!

The Jurassic Park Ride … click pic to enlarge and see some funny faces.

[

USA: 08-14-07

Christine Dizon-Elguira’s birthday.

Christine's birthday

[

USA: 08-06-07

Kitkat’s (Kyte) birthday!


West Covina Mall. Ate at Dono Sushi.

Happy Birthday Kitkat

USA: 08-04-07

Martyn Kyte’s 5th birthday PARTY … Advance party pala. His real bday is on the 6th.

Kyte's party

[

USA: 08-01-07

Third office/clinic

Joven Family Dentistry
150 S. Glendora Ave
West Covina, CA 91790
(1-626) – 919-2322

Met Faith, Ate Vicky, Janet

USA: 07-26-07

2nd day of work, different clinic

Dr. Erika Salao’s Clinic
3756 W. Avenue 40 1C
Los Angeles, CA 90065
(1-323) – 255-1700

Met Mike, Judy

with Lindsey


USA: 07-25-07

First day of work

Joven Family Dentistry
2242 1/2 Fair Park Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90041
(1-323) – 259-3118

Met Janice, Lucy, Carmen, Lindsey

Scrubs from Christine.
Lipat bahay na with the Joven’s!!!

USA: 07-24-07

Puente Hills Mall with Tita Conching & Tito Carding… took the 280 bus to and fro.

Luggages were delivered … with a few minor damages. :(

My luggages

Broken wheel
Broken wheel