This is my #PasyalseryePopEdition – the countries/city-state I’ve been.
?? ?? ?? ?? ??

To relieve the Tuesday stress (2hrs OT), I played with some of my Pops again last night. I got the inspiration from someone in #FunkoFunaticPH group.

HONG KONG (1995, 2015, 2019) ??

USA (2006, 2007, 2015) ??

MACAU (2015) ??

SINGAPORE (2020) City-State ??

PHILIPPINES (All my life!) ?? – Wala along picture sa Luneta?!?!?!

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Me & the Bodhi Wishing Tree

Legend says that wishes made at the Bodhi Tree in Ngong Pin, Lantau Island HongKong will come true.

Well, I’m gonna put that to the test.

I made a wish. A bunch of them actually. Not to put any jinx to it, I’m not gonna say write them here. :p

Though I think one of them have started.

Bodhi Tree

USA: 01-07-08

Snow! Snow! Snow!

Mt. Baldy.

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USA: 01-06-08

An Abreu clan reunion …

Fetched by the Jovens…but will stay with the Elguiras.

Bye-bye Arel! (for now)

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USA: 01-01-08

Happy New Year!!!

“Anak ng Pechanga naman oh!” 😉

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USA: 12-31-07

New Year’s Eve.

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USA: 12-29-07

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USA: 12-28-07

Heading home from Pechanga Hotel and Casino.

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