The day before New Year’s Eve

ok b title ko? parang redundant ah…hhmmm…di rin!

inutusan sa palengke si ate, shempers iwan n nman dito Franco at Patrick.

fixed my shoutbox for

then sa hapon, back to palengke kme ng Tatay. and what’s a new year without fireworks…so we bought some for the kids.

nagtxt si Reyable bout Christian kaso tulog n ko eh so i didn’t even bother to reply…tomorrow n lng!


sang movie themes at MMFF awards with Sarah and Mark

it’s an ‘ok’ day

after lunch, took the remote control back to where nanay & k.alvin bought it from (again)…and guess what, it wasn’t defective at all! then to Informatics i go, supposedly to take an entrance exam and to pay the tuition fee … hhmmm … Php9,600 something…but apparently i’m too old to take the exam so…i didn’t take one…haha! no seriously, the reason for them not letting me take the exam is becoz of my 4th year standing…hhmmm it’s the same thing isn’t it?!?!? po-tey-toh …. po-tah-toh????

but stupid me, i left the Php10,000 tatay gave me at home….the money i have then was k.arnel’s (SSS
payment) which is about Php5,600 … good thing i have extra money…. so i was able to pay 8,000. THEN i’m officially enrolled! Diploma in Computer Science major in Multimedia

got me 100 pcs of CD-R para mapapirata ko na ang pirated na FRIENDS ni Ned! haha

night chat: with friends & some CF kids. Leola with nothing else better to do decided to roam around my old site…even i don’t remember what’s in it… oh well…made me think…the site sucks…tutut sucks….but then again, “asan na kaya sila?” … reminiscin’ ang beauty ko!

MMFF: Dennis Trillo won for the movie Aishite Masu (best supporting actor)

Eternity back online

December 28, 2004 Purchased a christmas special plan from Dreamcode. Bros and sis gave me 100 bucks each for the domain. 🙂

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