Arnel’s bday


new coke items & improvements

Another batch of coke items from Janelita Orlina (Virginia) was uploaded today…. SALAMAT po.

8 new items added

In total, I have 526 distinct item.

Sports bottle Tin Can Tumbler

Old, blurry pictures in the Coke gallery was replaced with new ones. (It’s about time!)

Visit my Coca-Cola Gallery.

Hapi Nanay’s Day

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

new coke items 05.2008

Added 43 new coke items for my collection. Most of which I got from my recent trip to the US. I’ve uploaded 59 photos for my Coca-Cola Gallery.

In total, I have 519 distinct item.

My faves in this latest update are the following:
Barbie Bed Sheet Pyjamas

pibertdey vivang


Pibertdey Vivangerz

Blue Rose 08


That was a good day, and you were there.
Everyone who saw you thought:
“How beautiful!”
So take a moment in front of the mirror:
“Still beautiful!”
For God sees only your loveliness,
From day one.


Well, what’a yah know … the day I’ve been dreading is finally here.

A new year. A new life. A new blog.

(I messed up the old one, so I guess I need to start making a new one – Life and Blog. 😉 )

Somebody must have moved the finish line huh?!?!

Here I go…again!