Me & the Bodhi Wishing Tree

Legend says that wishes made at the Bodhi Tree in Ngong Pin, Lantau Island HongKong will come true.

Well, I’m gonna put that to the test.

I made a wish. A bunch of them actually. Not to put any jinx to it, I’m not gonna say write them here. :p

Though I think one of them have started.

Bodhi Tree

I am more than what you see

By Googling I ended in a site which contained touching poems.

    Kiss me under the water
    Show me you truly care
    Trust in these beautiful eyes
    Trust in these unflinching lips

And here’s another…

    I am but a man
    A man without a path
    Lost within this sea of lights
    I can never go back

Which then led me to a Twitter account. I was amazed/surprised as to who wrote the poems.

I dared to watch one of his “work” and loved his smile. How can one not be mesmerized by that smile?

Coke Upload Update (& Pacquiao was defeated by Mayweather)

:: Coke Upload Update 05.03.15 :: Photos of 13 non-Coke items uploaded to the Coca-Cola Gallery


On a side note, Manny Pacquiao was defeated by Floyd Mayweather BUT ofcourse, still proud of Manny. He won for me! #PinoyPride

Coke Upload and Work (EGS) Update

:: Coke Upload Update 05.02.15 :: Uploaded 8 photos for the following Coca-Cola Gallery category


So, I went to EGS Marikina to find out what my new schedule for next week will be as an Administrative Assistant — I was advised to be there on Monday May 4, 2pm. Excited and scared but really feel blessed.

Gave some chocolates as pasalubong for my Amazon Wave 4B Team as well.