I bid 2008 goodbye.

New Years Eve 2008


Ngiti by Ronnie Liang

Minamasdan kita
Nang hindi mo alam
Pinapangarap kong ikaw ay akin
Mapupulang labi
At matinkad mong ngiti
Umaabot hanggang sa langit

Huwag ka lang titingin sa akin
At baka matunaw ang puso kong sabik

Sa iyong ngiti ako'y nahuhumaling
At sa tuwing ikaw ay gagalaw
Ang mundo ko'y tumitigil
Para lang sayo
Ang awit ng aking puso
Sana'y mapansin mo rin
Ang lihim kong pagtingin

Minamahal kita ng di mo alam
Huwag ka sanang magagalit
Tinamaan yata talaga ang aking puso
Na dati akala ko'y manhid

Hindi pa rin makalapit
Inuunahan ng kaba sa aking dibdib

Sa iyong ngiti ako'y nahuhumaling
At sa tuwing ikaw ay lalapit
Ang mundo ko'y tumitigil
Ang pangalan mo sinisigaw ng puso
Sana'y madama mo rin
Ang lihim kong pagtingin

Sa iyong ngiti ako'y nahuhumaling
(Sa iyong ngiti)
Sa tuwing ikaw ay gagalaw
Ang mundo ko'y tumitigil
Para lang sa'yo...
(Para lang sa'yo ang awit ng aking puso)
Sana ay mapansin mo rin...
Ang lihim kong pagtingin
Sa iyong ngiti...

Eh ganun po talaga, walang kokontra. Parang gusto kong tumawag ng tumawag sa 55057 ah!

Prodigal ‘Blogger’

Yes, I live.

The prodigal blogger returns…and will TRY to blog.

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Toots’ bday


team barbie

team barbie — Flamingoes resort Mkna city

these are the boys of team barbie – Whe-Whe, Dwight, Billy and Renti — watching High School Musical 2. oh san ka pa?!?!

boys of team barbie

nagpasundo ako kay mike kalbo — by 10pm nakauwi na rin ako. :) Thnx.

Joshua’s bday

Pibertdey Joshua

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nina + diane warren

haylabit!!! i recommend that you get it.


Nina Sings The Hits Of Diane Warren

1. I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing
2. I Turn To You
3. Love Will Lead You Back
4. Because You Loved Me
5. Have You Ever
6. Un-break My Heart
7. There You’ll Be
8. I’ll Never Get Over You (Getting Over Me)
9. Blue Eyes Blue
10. How Can We Be Lovers
11. When I See You Smile
12. Saving Forever For You
13. How Do I Live
14. I Could Not Ask For More
15. I Don’t Want To Be Your Friend


Armin’s bday

Happy Birthday Kuya Armin

Also, pibertdey to Ate Carina Dizon-Joven and Kuya Joyette(+)

Charter no more

I think this is it.

Durden. Wave 1.0. Teletech. Cainta.

a very special love?

If I remember it correctly, the last tagalog film I saw in a theater was Nanette Medved’s Darna. So what made watch this film? Go and see it!


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make up your mind

    1. Puberty is a phase. Rejection is a lifestyle.

    [


finally, it’s pasalubong day for a few ex-CFs.

thanks for coming Vivang, Rome, Aina, Rocks, and Jude.


Teletech. Cainta. Charter HSI/HSD. Wave 27. TSR.

what have i gotten myself into? oh well, here i go... goodluck, bodyclock!


Yes, this day deserves a blog.

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Alvin’s bday

Happy Birthday Kuya Alvin

p.s. Salamat naman at si David Cook ang nanalo! Hip-hop-hooray!!! I thought talo na sya after he bored me with his performances last night. But he won by 12 million votes?!?!

Tere’s bday


Arnel’s bday


new coke items & improvements

Another batch of coke items from Janelita Orlina (Virginia) was uploaded today…. SALAMAT po.

8 new items added

In total, I have 526 distinct item.

Sports bottle Tin Can Tumbler

Old, blurry pictures in the Coke gallery was replaced with new ones. (It’s about time!)

Visit my Coca-Cola Gallery.

Hapi Nanay’s Day

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

new coke items 05.2008

Added 43 new coke items for my collection. Most of which I got from my recent trip to the US. I’ve uploaded 59 photos for my Coca-Cola Gallery.

In total, I have 519 distinct item.

My faves in this latest update are the following:
Barbie Bed Sheet Pyjamas

pibertdey vivang


Pibertdey Vivangerz

Blue Rose 08


That was a good day, and you were there.
Everyone who saw you thought:
“How beautiful!”
So take a moment in front of the mirror:
“Still beautiful!”
For God sees only your loveliness,
From day one.


Well, what’a yah know … the day I’ve been dreading is finally here.

A new year. A new life. A new blog.

(I messed up the old one, so I guess I need to start making a new one – Life and Blog. ;) )

Somebody must have moved the finish line huh?!?!

Here I go…again!

Blue Roses 01