Prodigal ‘Blogger’

Yes, I live.

The prodigal blogger returns…and will TRY to blog.

Update: I’m still working at Teletech Cainta. Durden account but it’s now known as Bigpond – Telstra. Hhmmm … let’s do some analogy. Philippines has PLDT – Australia has Telstra. PLDT has MyDSL – Telstra has Bigpond. Or something like that! haha.

September 6 – Orientation

September 8 – First day ACE under Sang Soriano.

September 22 – Product training under Leslie “Kidd” de Jesus

October 6 – Mock Call

October 7 – Under Team Barbie. First day Rock pool. Just so you know, I felt exhausted and “raped” first day on rock pool.

October 10 – Yes, I cried on the floor na… during a call! (Thanks Juan for calming me down).

Hhmmm… between then and now … was awarded for best in QA (2 kmi ni chesca), endorsed/applied for Senior Associate twice (biruin mo yun?!?), attended “team building” sa Flamingoes Mkna, nakatikim na ng famous LK (lechon kawali) Outback, at may Wave 3 na!

I never imagined myself working sa call center … pero what do you know… here I am! There are days na nakakainis pero there are days that you can’t help but love this job … ok, so love is such a strong word… like na lng. There are definitely days that you will like this job! I’m surviving one customer at a time, one phone call at a time, (one QA at a time) … one day at a time.

Blessed pa rin, I have a job.

Oh well … here’s to this blog/site, to me and my job, to old friends and new ones, and to my family. Cheers mate! Happy Christmas!

Christmas 08

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