It was a long day

Last day for my Amazon product training, naka-leave na kse bukas.

Took a live call – a complicated one. Had to escalate and do a callback as well. Whew!

Despite the heavy rain, choose to go to Eton Centris for an interview for the position Admin Assistant (EGS Marikina). Wala naman mawawala kung susubukan di ba? Dahil di ako marunong mag-commute, Grab-A-Taxi to the rescue. Had a good chat with the interviewer. Even asked for suggestions on where to go, what to eat in HongKong and what to do with the things we will buy from HK. It sounded like I already got the job pero she said she still needs to interview one more applicant. I’ll have to wait by next week for the results. Goodluck!

Now, cramming sa pag-impake! HongKong baby!!!

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