Coke … on pavements!

I’m wide awake…since 8 pm last night…yup, last night …eh ganun tlga….so I managed to check emails sa yahoo … mostly forwarded messages … but that ain’t the annoying thing… but is the non-stop invites to join sites such as … i have no problem joining the said sites…it’s just that I AM already in their list/friends-list/buddy-list or whatever you call it. Madalas ganun…eh alangan nmang replyan ko isa-isa sila just to explain…anyways…ok lang. Basta ininvite nman to join site…go ako…y not, chocnut!!! Good thing inviting is free….so invite sila hanggang gusto nila … basta ako, nasa list na nila. hahahaha…hanudaw!?!?!?! (hala, don’t take this the wrong way..bka naman di na nila ako i-invite!)

OOPS… coke Coke blog nga pala to….thank you kay Dayds for this …

Julian Beever draws on pavements in such a way it seems real/3-dimensional when viewed in the right angle.

“Anamorphic illusions drawn in a special distortion in order to create an impression of 3 dimensions when seen from one particular viewpoint. ”

Obviously, I like the coke creation!


If you look closely, I think the girl is holding a coke….or not? heck!

girl on mat....holding a coke..yata!!!

This is a picture of julian’s drawing … from a wrong angle.

wrong view - girl in pool

And this is how it should be seen… AND take note of the coke!!! coke

right view girl in pool

Cool huh?!?!

:: more about julian beever ::

Thank you Dayds…again!

pibertdey! p.s. Happy Birthday Sherwynn !!! pibertdey!

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  1. Hey lola, glad you liked what i sent you. Hehehe pag nakakaita kasi ako ng coke ikaw agad pumapasok sa utak ko. I’ll send you coke stuff if i can find something that might add to your collection!
    Thanks for inviting me to see this blog!
    Love yah!

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