Crassy – defined

according to Roget’s dictionary
from the rootword CRASS

(adj) – unrefined, rude, insensitive, stupid, dumb, ignorant, simple.


(adj.) – possessing the ability to “shake that ass like crazy.”
Also, a “crassy palace” refers to the overall body of a crassy individual.

“Beyonce? Ha ha–you KNOW she’s crassy!”

“Bob didn’t know how to handle Denise’s crassy palace.”


*eh paano ako maniniwala, eh hindi tayo closeness? infairness, new nick ko yan sa irc ah… [_crassy_shaui_] … registered pa! yihaa!!!

CC: GMA, Lacson, Estrada, Oprah, Kim Jong-il, Condoleeza, Tulfo brothers, Hussein(?)

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